"Costa Rica" (w 8 bonus field recordings) added to drip.fm/eskmo - In Feb 2013 I traveled to Costa Rica for a 7 day retreat in the jungle. These are some of the recordings I took as well as a song I made that was inspired by the trip. Feel free to use the samples as you wish and I hope you enjoy.

Originally released 2 months ago via my subscription service at www.drip.fm/eskmo
Recorded in Aspen Colorado as I was stuck for a few days during a snow storm in early 2014.
6 field recordings are included alongside the single "Aspen" and were made using a Sony PCM-D50. Have fun and do whatever you like with them. If there are any points with wind distortion, one technique I do is to cut out all the lows and layer that shuddering distortion on top of another synth or drum sound.

New: My 2nd piece of music written for www.TheEchoSociety.com called "Perspective." This was performed live with a 12 piece chamber ensemble in LA back in June. Check the new Echo site, big things in store for 2015.
"The rise and fall, is all perspective."

New remix I wrote for David Douglas out now. SOUNDLCOUD

I'm excited to announce the launch of my monthly subscription service. Exclusive music, field recordings, homemade videos, studio methods, blog posts, photos, passes to shows and more directly to your inbox each month.

Eskmo: "California" - New free song + video inspired by our historic drought. If enough people sign up, I'll be starting a subscription service to deliver monthly treats to your inbox.
Check it here: http://drip.fm/eskmo

Just launched: Ancestor Bandcamp.
10 previous Eskmo + Welder releases from my Ancestor catalog now available.
Name your price on all of it.
Thank you for the continued support.
Picture above, taken at the Giza Plateau, Dec 2012.


I've been doing some dj oriented sets lately. Until my new material surfaces and my next live show goes out (details soon), I wanted to share.

July 2014
A shot from our 2nd sold out Echo Society show recently in LA.
5 strings, harp, 2 percussionists, 3 trombones, electronics and 2 guests from Iceland.
I'm playing a 9 foot tall piece of wood w a stick in the back. So much gratitude for where this project is headed. Video + Audio soon

I'm excited to announce another Echo Society show in LA. I'm once again performing a new song I wrote alongside a 12 piece chamber ensemble on june 29th. I'm grateful to be among some amazing composers.

May 2014: New free download
In December I wrote a song and performed it live with a 10 piece chamber ensemble in LA.
Here is the live recording.


At the end of April, I performed a collaborative Audio / Visual set with Brainfeeder's Strangleoop.
The sold out event took place in a movie theater in Los Angeles. Video coming soon.

April 2014: New free downloads
5 Unreleased tracks from 2008-2012
Listen / Download here

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